Thursday, 21 May 2020

Back to 'normal' ? !

Not that anyone ever knew what normal was, and now this year 'normal' has a whole new meaning and absolutely No One knows what it is....

We however have moved in to our new rental house on Gabriola Island. Moving day was Saturday, we stayed here Saturday and Sunday nights because the old spot is 2 ferry rides away and we were exhausted anyway from having to clean the house before we could move anything in. The first load was put away by Sunday evening and we even managed a trip to Nanaimo for some shopping.

The house has a cistern, I do not like this concept personally, although I know its a thing and people have used them for ages... its just not my preference. So while I don't mind washing in it and cleaning with it, neither of us wants to drink it - so off to Canadian Tire for a water cooler, also the whole house was surrounded in overgrown grass/weeds so Brad picked himself out a weed wacker extraordinaire.

Robbie's water is cistern tap water which is being run through the Berkey water filter. The Berkey isn't big enough to serve all 3 of us so this is how we decided to do it. #SpoiledPuppy.

Monday we went back to the site and packed the rest of our things in to the truck and dropped the rig off in Nanaimo at a storage facility before heading back to our new home. Once home, we didn't even unload the truck we were so exhausted.

Tuesday we unloaded the truck and put most of it in to its new designated spots and Brad even managed to do a small amount of weed wacking before we called it a night from exhaustion again.

Wednesday Brad had an MRI in Victoria (military injury stuff) so I was up at 4:30am afraid to oversleep, we rushed out at 7am to get the 7:20am ferry and just made it in the line up about 3 cars from having to wait for the next ferry... whew! Clearly summer and the country are back online so plenty of time will be required to make a ferry nowadays.

Brad managed to get some more done on the weeds.

Wood storage shed cleared of brush

Formerly known as a peach tree but the others in front of house and grapevine are visible.

A lot of brush cleared along driveway

East side of house

What a difference

West side of house, yet to be done

The whole house looked like this beforehand

Well, most everything is now put away, 2 boxes and the dehumidifier left on the livingroom floor - tomorrow's job.

I'm one of those OCD people who has everything done day 1 -when I move, everything is cleaned, organized and done before dinner -- every time... however, due to my recent brush with death I have taken the slow road on this one. I would just like my family to note that this is Day 6 and I still have boxes to sort away!! Likely someone won a bet and I want a dinner out of it...

We have 3 peach trees in front of the house and a grape vine crawling up to the upper deck. There are lots of different herbs along the side of the house also.


Different peach


To my knowledge we have nothing else pending for the remainder of the month, and we will need every day of it to recover from this move. I am almost back to 'normal' (there's that word again) but I do still tire eventually and I am able to feel it coming which is handy although the charlie horse cramping all over my body has disappeared finally.

I have put on so much weight through this - first 'typical winter weight', then 'sick and didn't want to go to the doctor and everyone is on lockdown so you can't even walk much due to a pandemic' weight happened and now I'm suffering from 'thyroid recovery time' weight. SOOOO done with it!

Good news is the local Pickleball group has been reignited, they are playing for the 3rd time sincer restarting on Thursday(21st) and while I have not been yet, they do know I'm here and I'm coming as soon as I can. 

I need to do some serious walking and get myself into shape enough to play Pickleball and the added advantage is that they can sort out the bugs of pandemic protocols so I don't have to be kerfuffled by changing rules for weeks on end. I intend to get back to playing at the beginning of June.


  1. Glad you are finally settled in. Now you just have to get used to where things are and get into a routine. Hoping both you and Brad fully recover soon.
    In Bermuda all buildings are built over Cisterns and the Roofs are designed to collect the Rain Water. You don't have wells on an Island. By adding a Filtration System you would never know that's where your water is coming from.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the change.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes this cistern has 3 filters that it goes through and is also a roof rainwater collector but I have it in my head about stagnant water..... I just can't. I know its all in my head... crazy blonde woman syndrome.

  2. Glad you are all mostly settled in. Looks like a great place to be this summer and the rest of the year. They have pretty good weather. No more tap tap tap on the roof with rain... lol

    1. Precisely! You guys will have to come up between baby visits ;)


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