Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Before & Afters

We've been keeping quite busy puttering around the house the last 10 days. We have got a lot done, for sure. Still a fair bit to go but for the most part the yard is where we want it to be...

Front of house before

Front after

Woodshed before
Woodshed after
(still needs the inside cleared out as we've ordered wood for the winter- just 2 cords)

Left front after

Right front after

West side before

West side after

Big entry point where mice were getting in to the basement

All sorted - they wont chew through that wire anytime soon!

East side before

East side after

Decided to take a break so we went to the market. With people so offended by tourists these days I  opted to take this pic from the car instead of  while wandering through the market. It will take time for people to recognize that we are residents, longer now that summer has opened to local tourism.

Gabriola Saturday market

One of the market venders gave us this white tomatoe plant,
a sort of housewarming gift

All the while His Lordship Robert was relaxing quite comfortably on the deck watching his minions do all the work.

We are still waiting on the landlord to get his rototiller back from the repair shop so we can get the garden planted- should be early this week, we think.. Fortunately, we have plenty of other bits to do in the meantime.


  1. That property should keep you busy all spring, summer and fall. No boredom there!

    1. That's the idea.. we're only dealing with a small portion around the house though, not the entire orchard - thankfully.

  2. You will definitely be busy but you'll have a solid place to hunker down for the winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we know where we'll be next winter -- now about you two?!! :D

  3. Wow, what a lot of work. The landlord must be thrilled that you are taking this on and paying rent, lol! It is a stunning spot!

    1. Yes he is happy and so is the neighbour in the cottage beside this house. We just want to have it nice while we are using it and it couldn't have been enjoyed the way it was so we don't mind doing it.


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