Sunday, 3 May 2020

Groceries and a recipe

Okay so I didn't actually DO the shopping, but for the first time since before C-19 I was feeling well enough to go along for the ride as Brad picked up a few groceries....

Looking closely you can see Brad in a mask waiting in line to enter the grocers (above the green car on the left.)

Sanitizing everything before it goes in to our storage locker

This shop was brought on by His Lordship running out of distilled water for his CPAP so if you have to be in there anyway -- make it worth the effort!

Pandemic dinner: Corned Beef Hash!

In an effort to keep the freezer meats holding, we have been making an effort to alternate between canned meats/beans (proteins) and fresh (frozen) meat - this day it was Corned Beef... Dreaded it but it turned out pretty damn good actually, we both had seconds!

Chop beef into small easy to fry bits

Boil up teensy potatoe pieces (a quicker boil keeps humidity down in RV )

With fresh bell pepper, garlic, onion - whatever I had in the fridge.
Quick fryup and then grubs up!
Really tasty.

Note: Do not add salt as corned beef is highly salty already which the potatoes help to mellow.


  1. Know how it feels to be in those long lines. We picked up a couple gallons of Distilled Water because we both use it before rationing started. Looking good and tasty. We soak Corned Beef in water for a day to take some of the salt out then I chop it into small cubes.
    Hope your are feeling better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your meal.

    It's about time.

    1. Now that you mention it I've heard that soaking idea before but didn't think of it.

  2. Glad you have turned the corner and are starting to feel better.

    1. Hope we will be able to meet up one of these days soon.


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