Friday, 22 May 2020

Puttering and congrats

Hung around the house today, got several pics of the ferries going by.

Went to the local garden shop and picked up some vegetable starts and a few hanging baskets.

Cleared more of the orchard to create our yard area and draw your eye to the ocean

Robbie overlooking his empire from the top deck

Sunset through the trees.


Looking down from the top deck on my vegetable starts that are awaiting planting.

The washer and dryer died on me yesterday, so I called the landlord and they have ordered a new set and we await to find out just how long that will take to arrive. Costco?

The last of the boxes have been carried upstairs now and I have only a couple of boxes to go through and then everything will be finished as far as unpacking goes.

Congratulations to our friends/neighbours and fellow bloggers Ray and Deb on the birth of their 1st grandchild, a bouncing baby girl named Stella. Stella arrived early at 4lb 5oz. Super tiny and she and Mum are doing well.


  1. Thanks for the congratulations. Your property looks like it will keep you busy all summer. Great view. So happy for you guys to find a nice spot to perch.

    1. Feels like home already. Brad is rumbling about buying it....

  2. That sure looks like a great spot. Nice for Robbie too. I may have missed it, but what is the orchard? Kelly

    1. We have apples, pears, peaches, grapes and blackberries. It's going to be a fruity summer LOL

    2. Oh, and Almond trees... can't make this up.


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