Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Touring around our island

Like a new mother, I've been checking on the garden each morning... the other day I noticed something has been eating the leaves. I'm told it is slugs - big black slimy slugs. How to solve slugs? Coffee apparently. Simply make a pot of coffee and put it in a spray bottle, spray the leaves and I'm told the slugs will stay away.... so I am. To be honest, I actually didn't get to the garden today (pouring rain most of the day) so I'm hoping the coffee is working but I'll have to check it tomorrow. Brad also picked up some slug 'stuff' from the hardware store so failing coffee - 'stuff' it is.

Coffee solution? Keep you posted.

Our new laundry set arrived on Friday and we promptly got to installing that. Tight quarters and that's all I shall say about it.

We went for a walk along the waterfront yesterday, I had a hip muscle start bothering me so I turned around for the car while Brad and Robbie kept going for a short while before returning to the car. While I was waiting, I went down to the water.


Logging remnants can be seen all around the island

Incredible erosion

Entrance Island in the distance and a naturally formed scarecrow of tree.

Curious pock marked circle clearly defined

The smell of the seaweed reminds us of England

Closer pic of the erosion - fascinating.

And yet another odd encasing in the rock, I have stuck my sexy toes in the pic for size

Today we went for a drive and ended up in Drumbeg Provincial Park, passed this enroute

More erosion

Mixing currents can be seen just under that lighthouse beacon


  1. Beautiful scenery. Lots of logs that could be used for firewood.
    Be Safe and Enjoy checking out the island.

    It's about time.

  2. Gabriola has lovely beaches. We used to go to Degnan Bay and Silva Bay on my Dad's boat years ago.

    1. We haven't really had a chance to get to any beaches yet but we know there are plenty of them. Just need a quiet day with good weather.


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