Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Garden updates

Brad was puttering down the garden a few days ago and came home with:

Our 1st Cucumber


Another bag (I made 3 of these)

This is the same Tshirt bag shown in a previous post

as is this

and the snowflake bag

Carry version

Shoulder version

Sailboat jealousy

Seal and pup (which went under the water as this pic snapped)

I bought this off a local FB page. Only to discover that although it is expandable... And in my mind this is my size.... turns out that is incorrect. Hoping it will still be useful at least for pics of the bags (as above) and as I don't make much without shoulders.... maybe I can still use it.

1st Onion

I've been picking blackberries

I spread them out on a tray and flash freeze them before putting them in a freezer bag, this ensures individual berries instead of a solid mass.

Haven't shown this before I don't think but if any bread (I make a small loaf each morning) goes stale I make croutons out of it with a bit of oil and seasoning.

The garden is filling in very well. Coffee is the trick for slugs!!!!!!!

Butternut squash has begun

Cucumbers, I cut another 3 biggies off yesterday. I slice, flash freeze and vacuum seal before putting in the freezer

Trimmed down my basil, slow baked, crumbled and put into a jar

Oregano too

Grapes are getting huge, although they look small against this hanging basket... you will see below the size of these hanging baskets.

Peaches are ready for picking (but we don't touch these as they are part of the 'orchard crop' and we have been provided some for us).

This red hanging basket was on deaths door a few weeks ago from being in too much shade. Now it is voluptuous once again.

Brad keeps these baskets and they are doing fabulous

There are 2 purple baskets on either side of the woodshed, hard to see in the evening shade

Red basket on left, purple on right of the orchard gate

Piece de la resistance. These beauties frame our front door.

Brad was spraying me with the garden hose

Almond. There is an almond tree in our front yard. Looking forward to trying these.

Dad & Ann have set their wedding date with the church finally (3rd week of August) but it doesn't appear that we will be able to make it. Dad understands though because its a very long way to go for a 15 min ceremony, and the risk with Covid especially for them and their friends as well is just not reasonable. They will try to arrange a Skype or such for us to watch on.


  1. Your garden looks like it will be highly productive.
    Watching the Ceremony on Skype would be a wise decision at this time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy looking for your Sailboat.

    It's about time.

  2. How exactly do you bake the basil?

    1. I just put it in the oven on the lowest setting for about 1.5 hrs or until it crisps.

  3. Happy for you that all your efforts gardening are paying off. You will have lots to harvest at the end of next month. Too bad about not seeing your Dad get married in person but in these Covid times all things change.

    1. So true, feels like the world has gone upside down.


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