Saturday, 11 July 2020

Growth and RV Changes

Having a look around to see how things are growing:

Beginner grapes

 About halfway to full size grapes

Beginner peach

About half way peach

Years ago Brad learned to make lasagna. He used to make tons at a time and give them away to our neighbours. Lately he has been making 12-15 and selling them with the profits going to the local food bank.

Veggie prep

The concoction

This is at the Nanaimo ferry harbour, some interesting facts in the right corner, click on the pic to enlarge.

Our lower deck - we have tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, dill and romaine going here. The veggie condoms are working fantastic!!! Also, we spray coffee on the vegetable garden and plants that the slugs love, it absolutely works, its cheap (no name coffee brand) and no pesticides. I assume the coffee covers the smell of the vegetables and therefore the slugs are not attracted. We spray every night but certainly must be sprayed after each rain.

In this container off the deck, we have purple and yellow onions, green onion, 1 carrot and 2 garlic. As we use lettuce or celery, the cut off is placed in this starter greenhouse to regrow and replant. Once the garden begins to 'fruit', we will just cut them off at the base, never removing them from the soil.

The tomatoe plants in the garden are quite large bushes

L-R: Celery, Green onion, Carrots, Peppers, Potatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Lettuce and more Potatoes

The Broccoli was being devastated by slugs but we started using the coffee before they got to the heart of them and so while they still look terrible, they are alive and growing.

Lettuce doing well with coffee

Squash and Cucumber

One of two Broccoli devastated by snails

We lost an entire section of Romaine (save for one) before starting the coffee routine so these were planted later.

Dill almost 3ft tall

I was cleaning out a drawer and found a few different seeds we hadn't planted yet, so I got them going in a starter - probably too late, but worth the try.

This eagle was literally hovering over us, no wind down here but he was clearly riding something up there. Sat there for at least 3 minutes.


We were having a crow problem at the cherry tree, Brad went down to 'fix' it but couldn't get a good shot off. A gathering of crows was circling above him and I was concerned they would attack him but instead, they obviously cottoned on and haven't been back for days now. Interesting.

I over pruned the tomatoe vine on the deck but we have plenty of new growth coming up and the main vine is doing very well, plenty of clusters on this beauty.

We have put our RV up for sale recently, I haven't posted about it yet because another blogger has also recently posted theirs for sale and as we are in no hurry, I chose to wait awhile. We have 6 people waiting to view her at the moment but Brad wanted to shine her up as she oxidized significantly while at the campground, in the end we chose to send it to someone to have it done. Today we will pick it up, clean it out and likely begin showing her tomorrow.

As we are no longer fulltime in her, and with Brad fed up with the tick tick, she is just sitting in a storage yard and I'm concerned about mice getting in. We've done all the bounce sheets/irish spring things which have worked in fields in Saskatchewan very well but long term they could get in and its such a fanatastic RV that someone should be using her. So, we decided to sell her and will likely get something small like a popup or boler for short camping trips. Presumably, we will be able to travel places sooner or later.

Ace has been a great investment for us and after 2.5 years, she certainly doesn't owe us anything. More on the sale later.


  1. Glad the garden is working out. Thanks for the Coffee tip.
    We've even considered downsizing since at this point we are no longer Fulltiming.
    Good Luck on the sale of ACE.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. After all you've been through with your rig, once it is finally sorted you'd probably be wise to exchange it.... just my 2 cents.

    2. We are thinking about it!
      It is a bit down the road with this corona virus pandemic just blooming!

  2. What is the "tick tick"? Our ACE like yours has been good to us. We hope to drive it for several years yet. We are just snowbirds with a couple trips in the summer.

    1. The tick tick is the rain - we're in BC remember. I can block it out but it drives Brad. This is really the main reason we chose to go back to a house. We absolutely love our Ace too and hate to part with it but for the amount we'll use it it just seems a waste to leave it empty in a field. We talked about it yesterday and if it doesn't sell, then we're happy to keep it.. just think its been so good to us that we shouldn't let it waste away.

  3. Wow our garden is fabulous. Kudos to Brad for making all those lasagna's.

    1. One thing about Brad that most everyone doesn't understand is that he absolutely lives to do things for other people. People usually assume he has an ulterior motive but he doesn't - it just makes him feel warm and fuzzy. Hence the mess we're in, ironic I know.


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