Monday, 31 August 2020

Hiking Sandwell Provincial Park

 Stacey and I were going for a hike, her neighbour Jim decided to join us. It was a great hike. 4.1 miles. I use the AllTrails app to track our hikes.

Washed up logs


Oh yeah, I'll say it was steep!

Stacey and Jim

It looks flat but this was almost straight up.

Tree grown wrapped upon a tree

These stones are roughly 15 ft tall

Oh yeah, they must have known I was coming LOL


Stacey shows the scale of a shelter built on the beach

Small smooth pebbles all along the shore

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Green Onion Day

Our green onions were ready, I think.... Holy huge!



Bulbs cut off

Put off cuts into water on the deck (Thursday, Aug 20)

Cut them up and put them in old popcorn containers I hadn't thrown out yet - Thank you Orville.
No blanching required.

Off cuts on Friday, Aug 21

Went on a hike with Stacey and crossed this pond. There is a bench seat to enjoy the view.

Awesome trails are manicured and maintained

Remember the grapes? They are turning purple and almost ready.

We made BBQ pizza again the other night. So simple.

Also on Thursday: I canned pickles. Jalapeno, Basil, Garlic pickles.

Off cuts today: Sunday, Aug 23.

By the end of the week these should be tall enough (2-3 inch) to plant in the garden. We will be able to grow and replant these 3 or 4 times before they give up the ghost.

PS Wedding went well: 

Mr & Mrs Daddy

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Day!

Jim & Ann
Aug 22, 2020

 Today my Daddy is marrying a lovely woman, Ann. Much love to them both.

Arrangements have been made so we will be able to watch the ceremony via FaceBook.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Thetis Island

Continuing our exploration of the Gulf Islands, we decided to take a drive by the house I had found the other day. 

So off to Thetis Island we went.

While the house is what we're looking for, the island had absolutely nothing else to offer. The people on the island were very friendly, actually probably the friendliest we have come across so far in BC but without access to even a coffee shop or Ma & Pa shop or gas station.... its just not our first choice. We loved the people and the quiet of the little island though. While Thetis is not 'off' our list, it is closer to the bottom.

I do have to say though that we drove all around this island and it is rather immaculately kept. Only saw 1 property that could do with a tidy up. This we found impressive.

It was a nice day outing and even though we went there planning to have lunch at the marina restaurant, the restaurant was closed that day however we were able to go to the marina store and grab some chips to hold us over until we got home.

We left here at 11am and returned at 830pm. Long day.

Chemainus Marina

Chemainus ferry dock (look close the ferry is behind that mesh screen)

Capernwray Bible Centre
Paying Guests only!

Thetis Island Marina has small store, restaurant, gas, toilets/shower and laundry.

Good sized boat

Thetis Island ferry dock

Walked along the beach while waiting for the ferry to return

Same Capernwray Bible Centre


Thetis ferry dock

Map of Thetis Island

Chemainus has a great town, fantastic bakery - I highly recommend. ;)