Saturday, 1 August 2020

Ace has new parents

We made pizza on the BBQ Friday night. Delicious. 
Italian sausage, tomatoe, green pepper, onion, fresh basil and mozza.

Red sky in the morning.... turned out to be nothing.

Well the day has come, it had to eventually. 
Ace went home with her new family today... to an island north of us.
 It was hard saying goodbye to her after 3 years of adventure but we are happy that she has a new home and not just sitting in a storage slowly fading away.

Dick & Peggy are Ace's new parents. Yes, I'm a wierdo - so what?! She was our baby for 3 years...

One last shot of her as she headed home, I don't think Dick saw us he looked to be concentrating pretty hard. They sent an email to let us know they made it home safely and that she 'drives like a dream'... Oh, did I forget to mention that? LOL
I asked that if they ever want to sell her that we get first right of refusal. Love this rig.

When we got home we went down to the garden and this is what I pulled in for today's harvest.

Once cleaned up, today's harvest is pretty good.

There are a bazillion tomatoes down there, and huge but still green. When they turn we shall be overrun with tomatoes and I will need a crew to process them all. Fun times in our tomatoe future.

For supper we had steamed broccoli and caesar salad with garden romaine and homemade croutons (I make them from any homemade bread that goes stale). With Kraft Caesar dressing because everyone has to have a little naughty with every meal. Tonight: Popcorn! WooHoo.

Oh, and just to confirm my craziness -- Big Brother 22 (US version) starts Wednesday. Jus sayin'. ;) 
I've been watching since BB3 and this is an All-star season so hell no, I'll not be missing this one either.


  1. That pizza looks delish. How long does it need to bake?

    1. Just 12 min which makes it a quick and deliciously easy throw together dinner.

  2. Nice looking Pizza.
    With you having just fixed up the Pick-up I would be leaning towards a Fifth Wheel for your next RV. If something happens to the Tow Vehicle you still have your home to sleep in.
    I see lots of Tomato Sandwiches and Salsa in your future. LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Garden.

    It's about time.

    1. We're thinking our next RV will be a sailboat! What we don't know is whether to get a 27ft to boot around in or a big cat to live in... and this is a tough decision.

  3. Your pizza looks delicious. We also had Italian sausage pizza for lunch with the same veggies yesterday. lol

    1. Not a doubt in my mind that yours was better :D Although mine was pretty good.

  4. Don't short yourself ... I bet it was as good as mine or better. :)

  5. Have you though about picking a few tomatoes green and let them ripen indoors. Just in case the birds attack your ripen on the vine tomatoes. I'm sure the ripen on the vine will be best, but they are at some risk.

    1. I actually did have one in the window for 2 weeks and it never did turn green. Not sure what the trick is to that.


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