Saturday, 8 August 2020


 About a week ago, Brad and Robbie went for a walk along the shoreline. I stayed home for some reason I can't recall. Anyway, he came home with a woman's phone number...

Turns out he started conversing with a woman who had an FJ (recall we had 2 of them previously) and in the conversation she mentioned that she was a paddleboarder but was having trouble finding anyone to go with her and she didn't like going alone, for obvious reasons. Well I had just talked to Brad a few days before about wanting to try paddleboarding, so this is how he came about having this woman's number.

I rang her that night and we arranged to give me a lesson on Friday because the winds and waves were supposed to be cooperative that day. They were.

Fully expecting to be a drowned rat at the end of it, off I went to try it. I met Stacey down at one of the many beaches on this island and she gave me the gist of what to do. Off we went. I absolutely loved it, I had some balancing issues a couple of times but just went to my knees and once balanced stood up again.

Google Image

Above is a Google image, not my actual body (yet :D )... although Brad did sneak down and take a picture of us, it is so distant that you can barely see 2 specks.

Above boat on right are 2 dots...

We went all the way around a very large Bay, staying fairly close to the shoreline since it was my first attempt at this. She seemed quite impressed that I did so well. I came home dry, which is what impressed ME the most!

We go again on Monday, assuming the winds cooperate, we shall paddle to a local pub and back.


  1. Glad Paddle boarding is working out for you.
    Since I swim like a rock I've never given it a try.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your new hobby.

    It's about time.

  2. Great balancing exercise. Good for you. :)


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