Friday, 14 August 2020

Preserving and Paddleboarding again

My basil plant had become huge once again, so I trimmed it and...

Washed and dried

Packed and vacuum sealed

Found a use for that large container all my plastic storage containers came in. Fits perfectly across. I will try to fill this with fresh herbs.

My Dill, the tall one was also getting top heavy

Washed, vacuumed and sealed also

After doing some running around on the island we stopped to get the mail, expecting my patio heater which I purchased with AirMiles to arrive any day. No delivery tag in the box but we did have 2 cheques from ICBC for the cancellation of the RV Insurance, nice.

Pulling up to the house we notice a box against the front door - must be the patio heater. Yup it was.

Brad and Robbie went for a walk along the waterfront while I put the heater together...

Seems a decent quality one too.

Once that was done, I headed down to the waterfront to catch up with the guys. I took the Jeep down as sometimes Robbie has trouble with his left paw. As I was getting out of the car I hear " Hi Katie"... Stacey was sitting there enjoying the view. Well, I could see Brad and Robbie in the distance and got his attention as he got up to leave and he joined us. 

We decided it was calm enough to do some paddleboarding and Brad & I ran home to get the truck, we then stopped to pick up Stacey and headed to her house to collect the boards.

Robbie is not sure what to make of this. He is not fond of water.

Attaching the ankle chain

All aboard

And she's on

And up

Stacey's turn

And away we go, around the point - past the pub and return...

Brad & Robbie walked along the shoreline 

Clearly, I'm a professional.... Not.

Absolutely beautiful as the sun begins to go down

Enjoying the scenery

On our way back, Brad didn't get any pics of us as we sat down in the bay relaxing for a few minutes. Here we are on our way back.

Watching Mum on the water

Which one is the mother? Me or the dog? He's such a worrier.

Stacey overtaking me

Beautiful sunsets which this island is known for, pictures don't do it justice.

Otters swimming in the water

After paddleboarding, we decided to grab chairs and a few drinks and join Stacey on the shore and enjoy the sunset as we haven't done this yet and its a thing here.... 3 months and never seen the sunset from the shore yet.

BC Ferry going to Vancouver


Another distant ferry


This guy we call 'thumper' as he makes a thumping noise that we have been hearing at the house for months now... but we had never seen him up close like this.


  1. Your garden is still keeping your supplied.
    People don't realize that by simply taking care of their pets they in turn are also watching out for our well being.
    Have you thought about getting Booties for Robbie. They have them for pocket pets to those that weigh more then I do. Saw a Bullmastiff in Quartzsite wearing them to protect his pads from the sharp rocks.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Patio Heater.

    It's about time.

    1. We tried booties on him when he was a pup, it didn't go over well. We kept trying for months but - nope.

  2. That has to be so good for your balance

  3. Great job paddleboarding. Love the sunset.

  4. Beautiful pictures! You were def meant to be on the water :)


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