Saturday, 19 September 2020

My iMac is finally home

Special thanks and Kudo's to the UPS boys in Saskatoon. After receiving my iMac and accessories from a friend of mine who has a courier service, the UPS boys wrapped her nice and tight - they did an incredible job, let me assure you. I will be giving them a fantastic google review for the great job they did, and their exceptional communications with mama bear who was worried sick about her baby.

My precious iMac is still updating after 2 years of being turned off - anyone who has returned from a holiday can appreciate what I'm talking about here... so I'm hoping the photo's (2 years worth) will update shortly so that I can put a pic from my phone on this post, otherwise I will have to email it to myself.... sooo old school -- LOL. If there is no picture attached to this -- you'll know why. *Gave up and emailed.

I have her set up in what would have been my Mother in Law's room -had she come for the winter (she is not) which I have now set up as my sewing and computer room - my 'She Shed' inside the house.

I wanted the computer because there was info on it which will be very handy for us in the not to distant future but after a very brief perusal, I have not been able to locate that which I seek. I will put much more effort into it tomorrow. 

Today, I was setting up and updating the iMac, while also canning tomatoes, while also sewing curtains, while also cleaning the bathrooms. I'm a multi-tasker without doubt. Tomorrow I want to go to a local shop but otherwise have nothing on the go, so should be able to dig around the computer a bit better.

Stacey has been gone the last several days on a quick holiday 'up island' (Vancouver Island, that is) and she messaged yesterday that she expected to be home today, no word yet. She'll probably drag me out hiking if she did get home today. Update: Just heard from Stacey, she is home but booked up tomorrow so I get reprieve until Sunday am.

Last nights setting sun: photo doesn't do it justice, especially through the smokey haze


  1. It always takes time to refamiliarize yourself with things you took for granted. Glad you got your I-Mac home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Busy girl. Now you will have something to keep you busy in the winter ... playing with your computer. lol

    1. Well, I have had the laptop this whole time and Brad had his desktop but it sure is nice to have a 'big screen' once again.


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