Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Thyroid meds adjusted

 I had a call with our Dr several days ago now and my numbers had gone slightly askew. 

FT4 s/b 7-15 was at 23

TSH s/b 2-5 was at 0.01

So he has adjusted my Synthroid from 125mg down to 112mg.... doesn't seem like much to me, but he's the Dr...

There has been a lot of canning going on around here, tomatoes coming out of our yingyang... Bell peppers are coming in now and tomorrow I will likely process about 6 butternut squash.

We have also been very busy getting organized for our newest family member (its an appliance - don't get weird on me) which should be (s/b) arriving Friday/Saturday this week.

However, people give names to these appliances (I just work here) .... so I'm open to suggestions from you -- my peeps. 

I'm thinking Betty (for Betty Boop)... 

If someone comes up with a better one, I'm open. Seems everyone gives them girl names -- perhaps I should 'go rogue'? Hmmm...

It is Brad's birthday Tuesday 29th, his Mum sent prezzies and almost always includes a treat for Robbie (dog)... I made a video of Robbie getting excited when he smelled Grandma's house on the package but its too big to upload without YouTube. Trust me, its cute.

Interesting side note here: I just drag and dropped those pic above... hmmm, didn't know that was an option. I do know several bloggers who have trouble uploading pics so maybe that will help them. Specifically - Al. ;)


  1. With all your food processing are you getting a dehydrator? My guess anyways. :)

    1. Nope, even better.. might even make you a tad jealous... teehee

  2. Looks like you'll be set for the Winter with all the canning by the time it gets here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the new toy.

    It's about time.

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  4. trying again : I have been looking at this Breville slow cooker the Risotto Plus™
    $169.99 Kelly


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    Advanced multi cooker with stir free risotto.

  5. Get pics of butternut sq when you do it. That skin is so dang hard to cut off.


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