Saturday, 3 October 2020

Birthday, hike and yard work

It was Brad's Bday on the 29th, I'm sure he said he's 26 so I'll go with that.

Looking mighty FINE!

We have been anxiously prepping for our newest arrival, Yesterday (Friday) I received notice that it has shipped - finally.... and its coming from Kelowna so theoretically, that shouldn't take that long... early next week I'd bet.

Elder Cedar Hiking trail is beautiful - Stacey is cute too LOL

Big, old trees

Not sure which is older but here I am looking all the worse for wear.

Stacey in front of yet another tree

Our Pickleball group made the front page of the local paper on Wednesday and we all learned that Min (shown here in red, playing with Sue) turned 83 on Thursday. Well we play on Thursdays, so Matt generously went to the shop and picked up mini cupcakes for everyone and we had a little birthday celebration with her. I understand that Klaus (also a player) is older but he was not present when the reporter was there.

Interesting transport, technically a barge with something on it but I got a pic nonetheless.

Weeded the home gardens, front and side ready for winter.

Moved our chairs to sit in the sun and then the sun moved... typical.

Front yard is ready for winter, 

We sealed the 2 front doors which are homemade and have gaps in them with styrofoam insulation

I then draped a curtain over them (this one is upstairs) the downstairs door has a cream fabric.

I had sunflower seeds that were mailed to us years ago, for doing a survey or such and I finally planted them this summer (too late in the year apparently) but I didn't think they would take as the soil here is extremely rocky - yet they are growing, so.... we'll see. I'm sure they will either keep going all winter or regrow in spring.

Awoke this morning and my first thought was something was burning... but it is not smoke - just fog, very heavy fog.


  1. Belated Birthday greeting for Brad.
    Time to start battening down the hatches for the winter.
    Looks like you are well on your way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your delivery.

    It's about time.

    1. We've never lived out here before. Although we've been through 2 winters in our RV being in a sticks and bricks with a yard is a whole new ballgame but we're trying to make sure we're ready. Thanks for the bday greeting.


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