Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Shocking house work

Monday is massage day around here so Brad went off to Nanaimo and I stayed home to help Robbie get a few chores done around the house. He is a very handy dog.

1st we went to the local hardware store for some bleach and thumb tacks.

Once home we poured 5 Gallons of bleach (calculated amount) into the cistern to 'shock' it. It is preferable to do this whilst it is raining but alas, it was not. So I grabbed a garden hose (already put away for the season - of course), connected it to the outside tap and put the other end into the cistern rain pipe and turned the tap on while I poured the bleach in through 4 different pipes around the property which all lead to the cistern. This ensures the bleach is not concentrated in one area of the cistern and with the tap simulating rain to circulate the water below it kept the water moving and it all went well. 5 min job, okay maybe 10.

While in town, I ran over to a different hardware shop to get 1 piece of fiberglass insulation. The chimney (insulated pipe) is a round peg in a square hole which is cut in the roof. There was daylight and cold air coming in through there and I wanted to seal it so we don't lose too much heat over the winter. I had the neighbour come over to hold the ladder while I stuffed the box in the ceiling. We had this situation at our own home out east so I was familiar with what to do and just grateful that I didn't have to buy a whole bag of insulation.

Next, Robbie mentioned that because he is so damn hairy and drops that *$!^&$ everywhere - with the new 'baby' sitting under the open back stairs that we should sew something to stop his hair from falling all over the new machine. I chose red, because its my favourite colour, its almost Xmas and it was handy - not necessarily in that order. I then used the thumbtacks to attach it to the underside of the staircase with a mallet, because that wood is very hard.

I also washed a couple of quilts and put a more Thanksgiving/Xmas coloured one on the living room couch (again to control dog hair and also to keep the dog scent off the furniture) yes, we spoil him and allow him on the couch - well, on the washable quilt anyway.

Don't know what I was so busy with yesterday but Sunday is my housework day and I didn't get around to the bathrooms so that was another thing on my list that was done.

Our neighbour has an elderly friend who really enjoys Brad's lasagna and he has asked Brad to make her a few as they are very busy downsizing her from a 3 storey home to a 2 bedroom condo. We popped over on the first day of their garage sale and Brad noted how anxious and overwhelmed she seemed so we ran home and returned with a lasagna for her. She was so appreciative of the quick, easy meal that they would like a few more to help her get through the next few weeks while everything is being dealt with.

So Brad asked that I cook up a large package of ground beef that we had thawing in the fridge so that it would be ready to turn into lasagna when he returned from Nanaimo. I did and I believe he said he made 5 lasagnas from that batch.

In case you missed it: Today, Tuesday Oct 6 is delivery day.... no idea what time, but the 'new baby' is due. Hopefully the courier doesn't have a delay, the tracker tells us it is in Nanaimo, so.... fingers crossed.


  1. That lasagna sounds so good. I may have to visit. What kind of cheese does he use?

    1. FG, you are most welcome - anytime. He uses Mozza as he has a personal aversion to Cheddar.

  2. I need to come up with something like this as a goto for bringing a meal to hurting families. Hmmmm, time to experiment. Next to pizza Lasagna is my fav

  3. Your cistern should fill this weekend with the weather report. :) Nice to get cozy for the fall weather.

    1. Haha, I'm not holding my breath. Last time we were supposed to get 85mm we actually got 21.8mm.... and they've already dropped this weeks accumulation by 20mm so we shall just have to see.


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