Saturday, 17 October 2020

Turkey day continues

 Continuing with the Thanksgiving day leftovers, introducing - Ham and Green peppers (from the garden)

Going in
Top to bottom:    Tray 1 weighed 392g
                            Tray 2 weighed 465g
                            Tray 3 weighed 463g
                            Tray 4 weighed 425g

Once all the water has been removed via freeze drying
 Left to right:       Tray 1 weighs 132g
                            Tray 2 weighs 23g
                            Tray 3 weighs 169g
                            Tray 4 weighs 17g

The freeze drying process removes all moisture from a product but it is not like dehydrating in that the product is frozen first to approx -10F (-23C) the trays are then slowly heated and as the moisture evaporates it is slowly drawn out by a vacuum pump. 

A dehydrator just heats the product which causes it to shrivel up and the result is an unappetizing product, unlike Betty which leaves the product looking almost identical to when it was put in the machine.

I have some dehydrated pineapple now that I think of it, perhaps a comparison of the two... 

#ButFirst I have to empty at least 1 freezer to make proper room for these trays.


  1. Replies
    1. I wish that were the case sometimes, but there really is nothing to this other than cutting and putting on the trays. Oh, except for a soon upcoming run...which takes a bit more prep.

  2. Should be interesting when you rehydrate a meal. At the very least you will be set to hibernate this winter.

    1. We have been rehydrating after each cycle just to check each item. So far everything has been rehydrating well and often things taste better dried than rehydrated and meats reconstitute especially well. Must make a video... its on my list.

  3. It is definitely an interesting process that will help you make it through times when you can't go shopping. Could get to the point you won't want to eat fresh.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. LOL That's not likely to happen. Right now we're really just experimenting to see what works and what doesn't - it all works, so far except the tomatoes which needed more time due to the seeds. PS again didn't get notice of your comment. Weird, did you tinker with your comment settings at all?


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