Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Election day snacks

In preparation of catfight night in the U.S, I wanted to have some munchies for the event.. 

When Brad was in Nanaimo yesterday for his massage (he gets 2/week until year end), he grabbed some Vietnamese for tonight so we don't have to cook.

I pulled out 3 small jars of my Salsa and put some dehydrated jalapenos in and left it in the fridge to marinate overnight... we have a couple of large bags of tortilla chips and I wanted some healthy veggies too. 

I prepped Zucchini with Mrs Dash, Cucumber with Salt, Lemons and Limes with Sugar and some Apples (which have to go back in to Betty). I froze the apple peels too and then powdered once Betty dried them.

L-R: Cucumber, Lemons, Apple peel powder, Limes, Zucchini

The apples which I thought were dry - when we went to have some they were soft so clearly they were not completely dry, I put them back on a tray and they are in the freezer now awaiting their turn again after the jello batch comes out.

More Skittles - done. Mmmmm
The few in front are pre- Betty Skittles for comparison

Skittles in Jar with a moisture absorber.


  1. Strangely we didn't snack last night.
    Never thought to freeze dry Candy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy using Betty.

    It's about time.

    1. 1st, I got your comment so yay it is, in fact, fixed.
      2nd, I wouldn't think to FD candy either except I've seen it done and thought the Gkids would enjoy it. Jello came out this morning and its pretty good, think they'll enjoy that for sure.


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