Friday, 22 January 2021

Confessions of an eye ache

So recently I've been having issues with my eyes aching... I know its because I need glasses but I've been in denial for a really long time now. However, just reading my 'blogs I follow' each morning has been causing me pain now for a couple of months. Recently, it has been bad enough that I booked an appointment with the local optometrist here on the island.

While my eyes are not 'bad', they are out of wack. I have been (mostly) using 1.50 reading glasses circa Walmart for several years now but that just hasn't been enough. So the optometrist tells me I'm a 2.00 which explains why Brad's 1.75-2.00's have been working better for me. However while the optometrist says my eyes are 'unremarkable', it seems the ache is coming from the strain of adjusting from near to far...

With prescription in hand off I went to the local eyeglass shop. I knew with the amount of time I spend on the computer/laptop/ipad/iphone that I needed a blue screen filter on my lenses and I also wanted sunglass tinting and obviously progressive lenses too to help with the near/far focus adjustment.

The very first pair I picked out are the ones I ended up with. I was in the shop for maybe 20 minutes and only because I sent pics back to Brad for his input and he also chose the first pair I picked out... 

Here are the options I picked to choose from:






I had narrowed it down to 2:  #3 and #5

                      #3                                                    #5

In the end I chose #3

#3 is the winner

The guy at the eyeglass shop said they will be in next week...... fingers crossed.

PS If I look miserable its because I hate shopping!

Now you know why I haven't been posting very often. This actually hurts my eyes.


  1. #3 Is the best - others too big on your face!
    I started with reading also - now have been wearing glasses for about 24 yrs! I have the frameless since I'm blonde like you! Enjoy your blog!

    1. Thank you very much! So nice to hear from a new commenter... Thank you for reading me.

  2. If you only need glasses for reading or the computer don't wear them when out walking or traveling otherwise you will have to wear them all the time because the muscles in your eye become lazy.
    Back in 98 I was going blind and wearing Pop-Bottle Lens Glasses. Laser Surgery saved my sight.
    Recently my eyes were bothering me while wearing my Computer Glasses so I simply pushed the Computer further away and my vision is actually improving without the glasses.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your new glasses.

    It's about time.

    1. The lazer thing never occurred to me.... I shall have to look into that, thanks.

  3. Yes #3! I have had same kind of lenses for years. Love them. But will new cataract surgery/lens replacement soon, and then will probably not need Gilles except for reading or sunglasses.

    1. If I can't cope with the glasses I'll definitely go for laser. I remember it was sooo expensive when it first came out but I just checked after Rick's comment and its only $500/eye now... not far off of glasses and it won't get lost!

  4. Oh good grief. Didn’t proof original.😜
    * Gilles- glasses

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    1. Thanks Judi! Because of the comment setting I use to avoid spammers you comments weren't showing but I realized what happened finally and now they are here. You've been quiet so long I thought you'd left me. Nice to know your still there.


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