Sunday, 31 January 2021

Rejuvenate cast iron

Its been pretty quiet around here, Brad has been working on a project so I've been busying myself with cooking and cleaning mostly but as Robbie is now allowed to get back to walking I've taken him out a few times on some trails that run through this property and beyond. Trying to slowly work him back up to the looong walks Brad takes him on regularly.

A bush tunnel

Miss Stacey and I went to Giro yesterday (a re-cycle store) and I picked  up another cast iron pan for $8 which I think is a great price since most of what I've seen in there for cast iron is $20+ and in the 'normal' store they are $50+. I brought it home and rejuvenated it as per. For anyone interested the process is below...


Scrub thoroughly with SOS or other to remove all rust (inside and out - including the handle) and obviously -- Rinse VERY well.

Put on high stove burner approx 3 min to remove all moisture

Take dog for a walk while pan cools completely

Waiting on the slow poke Mother

Thoroughly coat with oil of your choosing, I used Olive Oil.
Put pan upside down in 500F oven with tinfoil on lower rack to catch residual oil
for 1 hour. Be prepared for a smokey haze in your home.

Freshly seasoned cast iron.
Never clean with soap.. scrub with salt & baking soda if necessary.
Hand down to your children's children's children.

Here is a shocker for anyone who knows me.... I bought a nuker! 
Mostly for reheating the tea I constantly forget to drink or such.
Microwaves are handy for reconstituting FD meals was really the biggest reason so there it is.

For the difference in price, I chose the one with the AirFry option
And I've made french fries a few times already.
It is a convection oven also which would be handy if I ever get to make a big family dinner again.



  1. Well done for your grill pan. :) Microwave convection is how I did all my baking and roasting in the Motorhome. Works just like a big oven. Have fun using it. I made great bread with it.

  2. I made basic white bread in my bread maker and then took it out before it hit cooking cycle. Divided dough into two bread pans , let rise and then baked it 350F for 30 minutes in convection microwave. Delicious

  3. Lots of people don't appreciate a good Cast Iron Skillet.
    Hoping Robbie's condition improves.
    Gotten so used to drinking my Coffee cold when I worked it carried over to my retirement. Our daughter will reheat the same coffee five times before she drinks it all.
    Enjoy your nuker.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Brad nurses his coffee for hours also, I don't drink the stuff at all. With IBS I have to avoid caffeine so green tea for me.

  4. I don't use cast iron cookware since my arthritis in my hands will not handle the weight. However when I was not arthritic I loved cast iron cookware.

    1. Good point about the hands, when they get too heavy I guess that's the time to pass them down.


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