Thursday, 7 January 2021

Update on Robbie


We took Robbie to the vet on Tuesday, he has been having difficulty maneuvering and we've noticed that he has been acting strange and looking at us in that way he has when he is in pain or uncomfortable. 

With pause before going up the stairs and then hopping both back legs up each step instead of one back leg per step as he has always done, we knew something was off but with the holidays...

Anyway, we were finally able to get him in, seems he has developed arthritis in his upper back. Which is why the symptoms were coming and going. He has gained 6 lbs since his last visit to the vet 3 months ago and so has been put on a strictly enforced diet which should help his back as well, obviously. He has been put on pain and anti-inflammatory medications as well. He also received a shot of arthritis medication that needs to be repeated every week for 4 weeks. He is not allowed to walk for the month either and will be gradually increased in his walking ability once he returns to it.



  1. Pets are more then that , they are family that share in our joy and our sadness. They help us mentally by showing their love.
    Unfortunately as we all age our bodies start to wear and Arthritis develops. Hoping the best for Robbie.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your furkid.

    It's about time.

    1. Robbie truly is a furbaby, he considers himself one of us - a member of the pack, I suppose. He sits on the couch and crosses his arms on the coffee table just as Brad crosses his legs. He is truly our baby and clearly gets his looks from me :D

  2. Awww, so sorry to hear. Freya has been like that more and more the past two years. Meds are also expensive. Freya is now on Gabapentin and I took the prescription to our local pharmacy and it is less expensive. She also goes bunny hopping up and down the stairs with her sore legs. The upside is that with the meds she enjoys moving around and playing in the back yard. Good luck to you guys. This damp weather does not help either unfortunately. Hugs to Robbie.

    1. Thanks Deb, he seems to be managing okay since the Dr gave him the shot. I'll keep the pharmacy idea in mind- good thinking.


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