Sunday, 7 February 2021

A bit of cooking and Liver Spots

While Brad was finishing up his project (Thank God he's done) I have been busying myself with - well, cooking! I'm not what one would call Julia Childs by any stretch and my poor kids lived at home when I had even less culinary skill but I've been having pretty good success.

The other day I saw a couple of videos on FaceBook and thought I'd give them a try...

Zucchini rollup.
Cover cookie sheet with zucchini, cover with beaten eggs and cook 20min at 350F
Coat with cooked ground beef/veg or anything and cheese, cook 20min at 350F again.
Love it!

Again, same idea really.
Omelette Pizza.
Place bread in pan, cover with beaten eggs, bake at 350F for 20 min.
Add toppings of your choice. Bake at 350F for 20 min.

Liver Spots

I finally got around to preparing some liver for dog treats to sell on the online market. When I make them for Robbie we call them Liver Spots so that is the name I went with. My Mother-in-Law isn't convinced the name will fly but I don't really care, if no one buys them there will be more for Robbie.

Haven't heard anything more from Brother Sewing Machines, they are supposed to be sending me the postage label, I assume in an email and not physically, and I'm still waiting. If no word by Tuesday I will contact them again.

Hoping my seeds will arrive on Monday, the app on my phone (Shop) which tracks all my purchases says they will arrive on Wednesday but they were in Victoria on Friday so I fully expect them tomorrow.

Excited to get my seeds cracking, pardon the pun.

We are expecting a BC version of a Polar Vortex, temperatures are expected to get as low as -4C (25F)
so this will be a quiet week around here but with the beginning of Spring, seeds starting and Brad finished his project - I hope to have more to write about and more often.


  1. Do you grease the pans first?
    Sounds yummy and easy.
    Love your blog.

    1. Actually I used parchment paper (larger than pan) so it is easier to roll. Also, I recommend making the egg thinner than I did (8x12 cookie I used 5 eggs) to make the rolling easier as mine cracked. Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for reading.


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