Friday, 12 February 2021

And the seeds are off...

I went to GIRO (re-store) the other day (Stacey couldn't go) and while waiting in the line to get inside I saw this.... off to the side.

Well, I had been looking for a bird feeder but they are so damn expensive... this was $8, and its huge.

This is where it will hang under the upper deck. I think. I don't want it on the edge because it will get wet... am I right? Open to suggestion. I am keeping it on the BBQ during the day for awhile so the birds will recognize it when it hangs. Hence the fabric under it so they don't poop all over out BBQ cover.

With spring on the horizon....

I planted the first of the seeds.

Kind of like Alfalfa this broccoli should be edible for me (IBS)

The first lot of seeds - 6 pods deep 
I planted 1 row each of:
Brussel Sprouts, Leek, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme,
and 3 rows each of both Red and Yellow onions.

These are the seeds which need to be sown this early. I have a spreadsheet I made which I can follow to know when to plant and how often to repeat for each seed. Next lot gets started in March and that will be Carrots, Green onions, Jalapeno, Green/Red peppers, Radishes, Kale and Spinach. Then April is Basil, Tomatoes, Dill, Peas, Beets. May brings Corn, Beans and Cucumbers, I can repeat Peas again in July.

The trick will be not sowing too many as we have limited garden space. I have found a website where I can design the layout of the garden. It will design it I should say. Which is great because some stuff doesn't grow well beside other stuff and if a computer can suss that out for me, I'm all about it! I have to go and measure the garden first and I found it at 5am, so I'm waiting until the sun is up a bit. The website will send email reminders of when to fertilize, water, etc each item.... and its localized to your positioning on the globe. Sounds good to me. Keep you posted.


  1. No matter where you locate the feeder you'll have bird droppings under. The fact you have to remember is that Squirrels like feeders as well so you have to locate them out of their reach. They climb wooden posts and can jump quite far. They are also good at problem solving and defeating most safeguards you put in place.
    Good luck with the garden.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Oh I know about the squirrels, I've watched Al fight with his for years now but we don't seem to have squirrels around here now that you mention it, although we will keep an eye out.


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