Monday, 22 February 2021

Gardening, Salt Spring and online market

With all these seeds growing, I needed more starter pods whatsits and a local shop close to Brad's massage had them on sale 50 for $5 -- so I stopped and picked up 500 of them. While I was there I noticed an apple peel/core/slicer on the shelf... $52.99!!! I paid $4 at GIRO

Yikes, not cheap!

After getting about 3 inches of snow over the weekend by Tuesday when we went for Brad's massage after the long weekend it was +11C (52F)

While getting the seed pods I also saw these Peanuts so grabbed one of those also. I Planted 6 of them.

The ferries are coming, the ferries are coming...

Yay! BC Ferries has a bunch of new ferries coming online and we (our island) gets 2 of them. Instead of having 1 ferry running every hour we will have 2 ferries crossing each other giving us a run every half hour which will make a massive difference to life here.

A massive ship heading into Nanaimo area, I made sure to include the neighbours house for size comparison. Turned out to be the 'Sunshine Ace'.

Brad made more lasagna, delicious.

'Sunshine Ace' loading in Nanaimo

We went to Salt Spring Island yesterday (Saturday) because our friends who are now running the campground we used to run have quit and are leaving in a week or so. We went down to see them one last time before they move to the Sunshine Coast. While there I sold 10 pkgs of Strawberries to another friend and picked up the remainder of items from the online market there because I decided to pull out of it, as it is just too hard to keep up with from here - being a 4 ferry round trip.


  1. Glad things are starting to warm up for everyone.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Weather wrongers were saying 4-6C now they have upped it to 6-8C for the week, bring on Spring...

  2. I have an apple peeler too. They work really slick. Apples for a pie in 5 minutes. :)


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