Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Cast iron, screens and garden preparations

Another day at GIRO (re-store) and another cast iron find...

Waffle Iron

I haven't cleaned it yet... just waiting to be done but its been crazy busy around here prepping the garden and the like...

While taking Robbie for a walk along the trails on this property, I found a screen door frame. Our bedroom patio door does not have a screen door and the screen door on the upstairs living area is too small.... so I wondered..... sure enough the one we have is the bedroom one and the one I found goes to the living area... screens needed replacing on both as they had ripped and were duct taped to the frame... had to get all that tape goop off the frames.

I have been saving egg shells in the freezer over winter and I ran them through the freeze dryer too then crushed them in the blender for the garden.

Peas have grown and graduated to the ground and a new pea pot was put on the windowsill. 

Bedroom screen replaced

Living area screen replaced and both fit now

I sprinkled the fire ashes I had saved, the egg shells I had saved and FD'd and also sprinkled some steer manure all over the garden (not too worried about the all over manure amount and you'll soon see why).

Brad made a post for the bird feeder to get them away from our garlic bed which is trying to peek through. Just have to keep the blackberries trimmed away from it.

Cleared a large area which was buried with the remnant garbage bits of roof etc. from the build of this house some 15 years ago... that was a lot of work but done now and the base is in place. Went to Home depot yesterday and picked up the rest of the build supplies for a greenhouse... as our main living area is being overrun with starter plants.

The almond tree in the front yard is blossoming. Which means the orchard won't be far behind. The grapes on the front of the house are budding too.... what a fabulous spot we have been blessed with.



  1. You certainly have a most wonderful spot for you guys. Lots to keep you as busy as you want. Good luck with your greenhouse project.

    1. Thanks, hoping to finish it today before the coming rains.

  2. All your gardening has kept you busy but the return will be so rewarding.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Spring.

    It's about time.


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