Saturday, 27 March 2021

Garden, deck and greenhouse update

We needed some tidbits for the garden so we went to Nanaimo late afternoon the other day, its much quicker later in the day because all the traffic is gone so the wait for the ferries doesn't take as long.
Because we were going big box shopping we decided to stop for supper beforehand and who doesn't love Montana's?... Well, we do so that's where we went. First big box restaurant meal in years I believe and we enjoyed it, sinful as it was.

I ran more blackberry leaves through Betty (freeze drier for any new readers)

FoodSaver jar sealer attachment

My FoodSaver accessory broke off in the jar sealer so I contacted FoodSaver and they are sending me a new machine as the accessory is hardwired to the machine (they didn't think that through).

The walnut tree is in full bloom now.

Absolutely gorgeous
Okay, so on to the garden:

This uncovered area is the garlic bed. Along the left there will be peas eventually.

The main garden has been finished. We churned the back corner and widened the entire plot then covered it all with the ground cover ( no gaps). Then having gone to the big box shops we put down a watering system.

Widened section

Drip irrigation system


Inside the hose are what I will call slower-downers hahahahahahaha, I don't know what to call them but they turn the gushing water to only a slow drip.

Jay - finally caught a pic of him.

Brad and Robbie having a male bonding snooze

Woodshed cleared out

We ordered 3 cords of wood this year (only 2 last year and 2.5 would have been better), because we are out of it now the guy is bringing 1/2 cord today (Saturday) so I cleaned everything out, swept it well and put the air vents (wood bits) back in then ran a bead of cinnamon around the inside edges to keep spiders and mice out which I also did last year. Not a drop of mouse poop in there when I swept it out which is fantastic given where we live. The rest of the wood will be brought in next week 1 cord a day.

Deck sorted

With the extra wood (the shed only holds 2 cords) we needed the deck sorted so that was finally organized for the season. I wanted to move the planting stuff moved down to the garden side and the wood will go in the back quarter with those chairs and the generator. The log bench which was under the closest window is now on the outside wall of the deck so we can put our feet up, I'll make a cushion for it if I get time.

Super exciiitiiinnnggg!!!
Greenhouse is almost finished, just the door and window left to do today.



  1. It might be wise to get a full 3 Chord in case you need heat during the Spring and Fall.
    The Garden is really taking shape.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We actually have the cord already. Hoping 4 heat mats will suffice out there this time of year but have to build a counter in there first.

  2. Wow you guys have been busy. :)

  3. Your "black cardinal" is a Steller Jay.

    1. Oh, Thank you! Brad has suspected it was a Jay but... looks like a black cardinal to me. Appreciate the input Angela.

  4. Wow you're turning into farmers! I love how you have created this wonderful new life on the island ☺

    1. Haha, well I'd like to have a homestead eventually, and we are fortunate enough to live here with a great landlord so we're using the time to 'get good'... I had wanted a homestead when we moved to 'hell' so so many years ago, but it just didn't work that way.


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