Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Garden fixed. Medicinals

Back in the garden to fix the ground cover we went.....

A pigeon stopped by to check it out

He was thoroughly unimpressed that he couldn't eat through it.

Robbie in all his regal beauty waited patiently on the side for us.

After burning the holes where we needed them to be, I put rabbit manure down there then the onion bulbs, covered with dirt and a dose of more rabbit manure on top.

Yellow, Red and Green onions are in. Finally.

Mrs. Farmer Chick. Sexy right?! LOL

We had a bunch of garlic that was starting to sprout so I peeled them and Freeze Dried the lot, its super handy because you can just lay a knife flat on FD'd garlic and mince it instantly just by pushing down. Works super fantastic and the flavour is concentrated so you need less.

I've been waiting months to harvest Blackberry leaves and they are finally sprouting so off I went. This is a blend of blackberry and black raspberry leaves. They will be in the FD within the hour. 

These leaves have many medicinal properties and uses such as Cancer, Dysentery, Whooping cough, Mouth ulcer, Minor bleeding, Diarrhea, Toothache, Sore throat, Colitis, Anemia, Mouth wash, Psoriasis, Hemorrhoids. More information about this can be found here. Or for a simpler explanation just Google ' Medicinal benefits of Blackberry leaves'.

Brad's massage therapist has a small homestead and they just had some lambs born very recently. 
So cute.

The expected layout of our garden this year. Does not include the 11'x13' bed of garlic Brad planted in the fall.

We picked up some parts yesterday for a garden update which will be in an upcoming post.


  1. How's the FD business going? We hit 68 today in MI! Happy gardening!

    1. The FD market is slow this time of year but we're still getting sales every week so that is great for us. Nice pace while we work on setting up the garden. 68?! So jealous - we almost made it to 50...

  2. Looking good Katie. Good luck with your garden.


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