Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Cracking all over

 On Thursday the 15th, I seeded some Kale as you may recall... 

Sunday the 18th, they had cracked....

Monday am, the Salsa tomatoes had cracked too...

It was time to check the water system. We hadn't yet turned it on. We have a 55 gallon barrel on the front edge of the garden with a 150gph fountain pump inside which connects to the system which runs throughout the garden. We were unsure if the pump would be sufficient so it needed to be tested.

I must say that watering this way is somewhat unsatisfying. 

As you cannot really see or at least it doesn't appear to be anything much because it sinks through the fabric pretty immediately and so it left us feeling like we hadn't actually watered when we knew full well that we had and the ground was actually soppy at the end of the cycle.

We could see that the water was dripping out from the drip hose and it even went up the slight hill to the pea section without any trouble which is great as this was our biggest concern. 

From the top line... so roughly 40 gallons in 30 minutes

Another concern was that, as seen here, this hose had been run on the other side of the trellis but the other side was wet so that worked out too.

Cherry blossom droppings
We have officially joined the 'Garden sweepers' club... the cherry tree blossoms have been dropping and every morning..... it must be swept.

1st world problems

We stopped by a garden center to get some flowers for the front yard and there was this cute farmer dude in a mask. (Brad)

The apple trees blooms are beginning!!!!!

Also worthy of note is that the Brussel sprouts, Carrots and Peas in the garden are finally cracking.... 


  1. We have 27 F degrees predicted tomorrow am. I'm afraid no MI peaches again this year. So sad for them. I just have cold crops planted yet so that is good.

    1. That seems cold even for Michigan this time of year.

  2. After all that hard work I'd hate to see all that go to waste by freezing temperatures. Try covering them over with tented plastic to protect them until you only have warmer temperatures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your garden.

    It's about time.

    1. No risk of that, our overnights have been 10C the last week or so and even during this upcoming rain expected overnights are in the 7-8C range.


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