Wednesday, 28 April 2021

FoodSaver, 1st Harvest, Row Covers and Thyroid

 I'm sure I mentioned ages ago that my FoodSaver broke. I contacted the company because the little pokey bit on the accessory broke off in my jar sealer so I haven't been able to run Betty (FD) much the last 2 months waiting for a replacement. I cannot reseal the Oxygen Absorbers without the vacuum of the machine or seal jars without the attachment. So I have only been running foraging items like Daisies, Sisal, Blackberry leaves, etc. 

Although I had provided my address, somehow it was shipped to the correct address and postal code but in a different community... I dunno man, I just work here! Anyway, I advised them right away but they didn't bother to notify the shipper I guess and I then received a notice that it was delivered - but I didn't get it. I notified FoodSaver again that I hadn't received it - this was Thursday I think. FoodSaver then sent me an email that they had arranged to send me another.

Yesterday, I checked the mail just because I was passing by and there was a parcel notice. Sure enough... So I emailed my guy at FoodSaver to advise that the original was received and he could cancel the 2nd replacement.

New FoodSaver FM5200

This morning I received an email that the 2nd replacement has shipped.... eyeroll. 

1st harvest from the Greenhouse. Radish. 
It's not much, I get it but its exciting because I grew this baby from seed.

Slugs ate my radishes in the garden. This means WAR! Time for some row covers (crop covers). I realize this makes our already Martian garden look all the more sci-fi but if it works..... (our landlord said our garden looked like it was on Mars weeks ago). Yes, sun and rain go through the cover and it essentially acts like a greenhouse effect.

The row covers 'should' keep the birds AND slugs off

We just remove the logs and roll the cover to one side

Half moon version. Up the side and the trellis' and over the plants on that side.

So I went for bloodwork yesterday.

I recently wrote a post about my thyroid and sandy water, if you haven't read that I recommend it for info purposes should it potentially relate to you...

As you know my thyroid conked out a year ago (literally last April) and they have been trying to sort out my synthroid medication since.... He cut my dose significantly (60%) last time as my TSH has been constantly below 0.01 and he needed to bring it up. Well I have access to my lab results (I speak to Dr on May 3 (Monday), he brought it up alright - My TSH should be between 0.32-5.04, yesterdays bloodwork came in at 0.01 (so up from below 0.01). Seems like maybe, just maybe my thyroid HAS fixed itself. I can't even believe these results I thought this number would have been much higher honestly.

Now normally I wouldn't have this information but I do, so now I must decide do I cut these pills in half for the next week or continue as is until I talk to said Dr... being too low is not healthy or I wouldn't even consider it, however I've been this low this long so another week shouldn't be a deal breaker.... I will have to discuss this with Brad.


  1. Not a wise thing to mess without DR's consultation. If something happens his records will help make the fix.
    Your garden is teaching you as well as feeding you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Wouldn't the slugs come under your ground cover and not in the air?

    1. They could but there is diatamaceous earth under there that will dry them to popcorn before they feast, so they won't... :D


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