Friday, 23 April 2021

More Hypothyroid Intel


You may recall when we were still in our RV we were very fortunate to find a lovely spot in the woods to park after leaving the campground we had been running in November of 2019... and then my thyroid went wonky and I almost died in April of 2020....

You may also recall that I thought the other day to check for medicinals for thyroid troubles.... I have HYPOthyroid and so it is that to which I am referring in this post and cannot speak to HYPERthyroid. I came across some info in researching any local medicinals which could help my thyroid should I not be able to obtain the western traditional medicine (Synthroid) which keeps my thyroid operating and thereby keeping me alive (for you die without the thyroid).

The information I found was an article about Traditional Chinese Medicine and in that article when discussing causes of hypothyroid issues it states:

"sand in the water of springs and rivers, especially in the mountainous regions."

That sure got my attention! The spot we were at had pretty good water but every so often I had to remove the little filter on the end of the tap and remove a blockage of sand............  So now it makes sense why I was perfectly fine and then suddenly within such a short time was on deaths door. 

Since moving here, my thyroid seems to be working. The Dr. keeps having to reduce my medication because it appears that my thyroid is putting out something at least.

My question now is: IF I ingested sand and it caused my thyroid to wonk out on me - and I have now moved from that source of sandy water -- is my thyroid hooped from that or can that grain (granules) somehow be removed by my body and my thyroid will repair itself?! 

I know I was told  a year ago that my thyroid was absolutely dead and could not be saved. I also know that on rare occassion thyroids do resolve themselves.... so I'm wondering if those whose thyroids resolved themselves are people who moved away from bad (sandy) water....

I know there is absolutely no reason to ask the Dr, as he is only legally allowed to tell me what 'they' say and I'm laying good odds that 'they' don't have a clue anymore than the weatherman. 

All I know is that my thyroid has begun generating and my medication has been and is still being reduced rather drastically as I mentioned in previous blogs. I will be getting another dose of bloodletting done next week... I'll be very interested to see those results. Very interested.


  1. Glad to hear that your thyroid is getting better and your medication is being reduced. Wow. Fingers crossed that your tests show even more improvement.

    1. Thanks Deb, it would be quite a coup for sure.

  2. Kathy has been on Synthroid as long as I've known her but has also had her dosage lowered.
    We live where the water is highly filtered because of pollution. After the contamination levels were dramatically improved tests have shown we have some of the best Water in the world coming out of our faucets.
    When travelling we generally drink and cook with RO Water. We double filter water that is simply used for washing ourselves.
    While living in the park that used Windsor Water we still double Filtered it but used it for everything straight from the tap.
    Hoping your numbers continue to drop and your Thyroid repairs itself.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, well its highly improbably I know but that statement just really stood out to me. I'll find out this coming week.


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