Thursday, 15 April 2021

More was put in the garden

It was a beautiful day so we jumped at the opportunity to get some more items into the garden:



Beets and Turnips


Radishes are coming up nicely

Sage in

The cherry tree (drastically pruned on garden side)



  1. Things are coming up Roses LOL. More like vegetables.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your garden.

    It's about time.

  2. Is that a biodegradable row cover? I guess it is...though I guess you could leave it in place til next planting time. I used to be a vegetable gardener, so am interested in these things.

    1. The ground cover is not biodegradable, it will however, last for 10-12 years if we take it up each winter and 7-8 if we leave it down for the winters. We will be taking it up because we want to till each year so it should do us for a great many years to come.

    2. Ah. Thanks. Yes. It would make sense to take it up anyway, unless you had some kind of perennial something, but you can reuse the same planting holes for annual things next year when you put it down. Right? (You don't have to answer that. Ha. Just working it out in my feeble mind.)


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