Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Picking Daisies for Inflammation and Pain

Note: I am not a medical authority, do your own research.

Daisies are historically used medicinally for Cough, Bronchitis, Liver and Kidneys, minor Bleeding, Blood purifier, minor Pain and also Inflammation... well Brad has a lot of inflammation and pain issues, so... off I went.

The orchard is full of daisies, just snap off the flowers tops and steep in a cup of hot water

Just occurred to me to see if there is anything that will help my thyroid..... I'll check it out.

To make sure we have some all year, I'm freeze drying them and putting them in mason jars.
Also in this picture is Lamb's Tongue which is used as a poultice and also for mouth wounds such as canker sores... its there so I may as well grab some just in case.

'Those who never get it right' are saying we're in for a doozy dose of rain.... I'll track how it changes each day.... often times they say tons of rain and it ends up as ~1mm (.039")

I sure hope they'll get it right this time because we need the rain in the cistern. We are presently 4.5" lower in our cistern than we were when we moved in May 16th last year... we still had 24" left at the start of rainy season in the fall, but.... with all the flowers we have I'd like a better cushion. 

The garden ground cover means we only water down there once a week (Friday) as described previously.... 55 gallons pumped out over half an hour via a drip system, which we anticipate will mean our garden will require much less water this year vs last year when we had to water everything twice a day. Our landlord brings water up to the garden area with a tractor until the irrigation system is turned on in the heat of summer.

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