Thursday, 22 April 2021

Saving some cherries?

So, in the boating world they use reflector whatsits to keep birds and their droppings off the boats, so... in an effort to try to save SOME of the cherries from the cherry tree I picked up some reflector dangly bits from the dollar store... we only hung them (6 total) on parts of the trees (there are 9 trees smushed together here) that we can reasonably reach, the birds can have the top of the tree... IF, and I realize its a BIG if... this works. Last year, I picked 1 maybe 2 cherries off the tree while working in the garden and then the birds took them all - every, last, one... I was not happy with them at all.

2 of said reflective dangly bits

Collected some Western Brackenfern to add to lunch.

It is important to note that Western Brackenfern has shown in 'recent studies' to not be as wonderous of a snack (cancer causing apparently) as previously believed. However, as I had already collected them, and people have eaten them for thousands of years... I figured eating them once with lunch wouldn't kill anybody, so we did - eat them with our lunch. These fiddleheads are not as pretty as the East Coast Ostrich fern fiddleheads but were pretty tasty anyway.

Note: MUST boil 15 min, ice bath, fry with butter and garlic.  

We will not be making them a staple but it was a good one off snack.

As for my weather tracking: Remember yesterday 'they' said 67mm between Friday and Wednesday next week?>>> ...

Wednesday 67mm (2.64in)

Well this morning they've had a change of heart already:

Thursday 24mm (0.94in)

But... they added 15mm (0.59in) to Thursday next week for a total of 39mm (1.54in)



  1. By picking more of the Cherries means that you won't be stepping on the fallen fruit or the bird droppings.
    As a kid I remember using step ladders with my dad to harvested loads of Cherries. Being on a tight budget my Mom and Sisters would clean pit and can them for coming meals or baking.

    1. I just want to get a bowls worth, I'm not greedy.... birds!


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