Saturday, 24 April 2021

Watering the garden and blooming blossoms

 It's so beautiful here, the pictures do not do it justice - at all.

Robbie this am (Saturday) in front of an apple tree

Blossoms are blooming and the ferry going by

There are different types of apple trees on the orchard so they bloom at different times... which I hadn't taken into consideration in my excitement for everything to be in bloom.

Current blooming section

I picked up a free magazine rack online.

While doing the roadside market I learned that the slightest wind, because freeze dried food is so lightweight.... this will allow me to clip the products to the rack -- at least in theory.... I have paid for a spot at the local farmer's market so here's hoping there is one...

Our 2nd year asparagus had a few shoots ready so I cooked them with our lunch

Something has been getting at our garden leafies... appears to be the quail as the lines from the snails were turned around in the diatomaceous earth we had put down but there were bird footprints. So we decided to make hoops with pvc and cover them with bird netting. Guess we'll find out this am how well that will work.
Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts (yep, 2 sections)

New section of garden

Turned another last bit of earth, fertilized and added ground cover. It will not be added to the waterline so I will put beans in this area as they are drought resistant. Just like our garlic which was planted last fall, this will need to be watered manually.

Time to water the garden for the week!

Hard work this garden watering... 

We will be watering the garden every Friday, we delayed yesterday because it was supposed to rain all day but it was moved to 2pm, then 7pm, then 10pm and midnight before we went to bed... good thing we went down around 11am and watered it not trusting the weatherman...

Robbie was in charge of monitoring our power source.

We use an (AIMTOM Solar Generator) which I had purchased previously for Brad's CPAP because the power was supposed to go out a lot here... but didn't, to power the water pump.

Yep, tough day that was! LOL

Our 55 gallon pail was full, we left about 6 inches in the bottom as it was dirty (I'll likely clean that bucket out today) so it didn't goop up our pump. It took 45 minutes to empty that pail. Our garden is approx 900 sq ft.


  1. Looks like you should have quite the crop come harvest time.
    That rack should do the trick as far as stopping the FD from blowing away but what will stop the rack from blowing over?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hmmm, interesting question... it is fairly heavy... We could run a bungee through the bottom and secure it to the table I guess - if need be.


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