Thursday, 27 May 2021

A few more things from the garden

Trying to stay on top of the garden harvesting while maintaining product for the weekend market...

Love these baskets!! So Red Riding Hood

Radish from the greenhouse

Beet greens

Green Onions from the side of the house

You may recall that I had a few extra of each bulb after the first onion planting so I put them just off the deck on the side of the house close to a part of the side garden which won't grow anything... voila! 

 I ran out of Pickled Beets (among others) at the market and when refilling my market container I realized I'm almost out completely... so I contacted the woman who made them last year... she won't be doing them again this year.....

So rather than sod about - I am switching them out. I have Rhubarb in Betty as I type and expect that to finish in the next hour or so as well as a batch of sliced Oranges waiting to go in this am because I also want to replace the Tomatoes w/ Italian Seasoning as they don't sell very well. 


  1. Beautiful crops there, and sounds like you are hard at it!

    1. Sure feels like we've been doing a lot of sitting around... hopefully once the Covid stuff lifts in a few days things will feel 'normal-ish' again.


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