Monday, 31 May 2021

Canopy Kerfuffle in the rain

My market canopy arrived on Friday, the weights are expected today. I was able to use the canopy for the markets this weekend with no wind but on Sunday one of the clips that hold the roof up broke off inside the leg. The canopy still worked fine and collapsed fine but in a wind.... I don't know how this lack of support on 1 corner will affect it so I put in for a replacement which should arrive in about 10 days. I will then send the old one back. Thank you Amazon.

New market canopy

Sunday morning sunrise

After seeing the red sky in the morning I checked the weather.... nothing, cloudy but warm and dry. This was 5:30am. By 8:30 it was raining and stayed that way until 12:30pm. On the weather channel they have a little advert that says "We don't do surprise showers".... I guess not when you change the forecast every 15 minutes that gives you a lot of flexibility. 

Personally, I don't check the weather every 15 minutes. I'm of the old school opinion that if you say its a lovely day at 5:30am that shouldn't change by 5:45am. Thankfully, I wasn't getting married that day -- but someone was! This weather BS is just that: BS and it is my pet peeve. Is that stupid? Yes. But these people are supposed to be educated, and they are paid to know this stuff and let us know so we can make informed decisions about what to wear, whether to have our wedding indoors.... 

My advise: Watch the deciduous (leafy) trees. If you can see the shimmer of the underside of the leaf -- it's going to rain!  Trees turn their leaves so that the rain runs off making the trees much better at forecasting, they are right 100% of the time. And they give you more than 15 minutes notice.


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