Sunday, 23 May 2021

Great day at the local market's first day

I had a great day at the market yesterday, the island's north end farmer's market runs from 10-2 on Saturdays with most of the custom done in the first 2 hours. Throughout the 4 hours I sold 20 items and actually had to have Brad bring me more stock. For reference that means I earned over half the price of the stall spot for the entire summer in 1 day, so I am thrilled with that.

Freeze Dried Foodie stand

If you recall during the winter I was doing the pop up market on the corner by the local grocers. The woman who runs the island's south end market approached me to go there today (its only Sundays). Drop ins are $20 but the south market is much more vibrant than the north... The north is very quiet while the south has music playing, a food truck and a much more vibrant vibe. I will see how today goes and I may pay for the summer down there also. 

I do have to be careful though because I don't want this to become overwhelming. As it is I only have 2 liver (dog treats) left so I'll be spending the week doing up more liver, strawberry and banana and I haven't done the south end yet. I don't want to over burden myself and/or make this a fulltime job.

In any event, I'm very pleased with how the north end market went for a first time showing. I had a few 'regular' customers from the local online market pop by which was nice and I suspect more of them will be in the south end too.

Stacey came by and sat with me yesterday for a couple of hours, bless her pointy little head (its not really pointy - for the record) and that helped ease the nerves and helped pass the time for sure. She may come today also but I suspect she'll be worn out since she biked up to the market yesterday.

I have not purchased a canopy yet, I wanted to see if people would buy the stuff first, so one of the guys brought me a spare which was much appreciated. Highly doubt I shall be so lucky at today's market so my cutie patutie hat will have to do. I'll pack an umbrella too - just in case that'll help somehow.


  1. Glad it went well for you after all the work you have put in. Good luck today. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I shan't forget my original groupies Hahahahaha


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