Sunday, 9 May 2021

More garden planting

Friday was our friend Stacey's birthday, so I made a Lavender Salve for her and Brad picked up a chocolate cheesecake - he had them write 'Happy Birthday' on it too. She came by for a coffee and seemed quite surprised.

Stacey's b/day

Yesterday (Saturday), we spent the entire day in the garden. Everything we had left has now been planted. Including the Tomatoes and Peppers. We covered the new plants with bird netting to keep the Quail out of them until they are big enough. There is room for more so we will pick up 24 Spinach or Romaine, 12 Fennel and 6 Thyme while we're across in Nanaimo tomorrow. 

Some garlic which did not sprout was replaced with extra pepper plants since they are great companions to each other.

Basil, Oregano and more Pepper plants

Sage waiting to go in and a couple of zucchini down the end

Everything is looking great though under those row covers.

Had a bunch of extra Brussel Sprouts in the greenhouse in case the row covers didn't work, so they went in too.

We have 13 Tomatoe plants, 38 Pepper plants, about 120 Onions of varying colours, 75 Carrots, around 120 Garlic bulbs, 4 Zucchini and 4 Cucumber and a ton of herbs and other stuff that I can't recall at the moment but anyway, it's a big garden for 2 people, we will surely share with friends but Betty will be well fed come fall.

Saw this red and black floating top hat in the water

Turned out to be just another barge

 The local farmer's market is due to begin May 22nd so I am going through stock and ensuring that I have a good supply to start the season with. Hopefully Covid won't cause it to be shut down.


  1. That's a beautiful garden. You live in perfect area for a garden like that. We are in the city so not much room

  2. Even if things aren't open you could build stock this year using Betty. It won't go bad.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your large garden.

    It's about time.

    1. I'm doing the market this year really to see how it goes. By definition this stuff will keep for donkeys years so if no one buys it it will just go into our personal stock and nothing is lost.

  3. Man, that is quite the garden! Hopefully you have a good growing season.

    1. Thank you. Brad finds gardening very relaxing so I spent the better part of winter studying the best tricks and this is what happens when I sink my teeth into something... nice to hear from you again.


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