Saturday, 1 May 2021

Our Little Pooh Bear

 We spent the day in the garden again, getting more and more planted. Yesterday we added more spinach, fennel, beets, rosemary and stevia (sugar substitute). We also moved the chickpeas to create a suitable sized area for the corn yet to come.

Robbie loves his peanut butter so when we empty the container I let him have it. 

He always refuses at first because he knows he's not allowed to touch such items and has to be assured every single time that it is okay, a special treat.

He puts his paw over it and gets his face right in there.
Absolutely loooovees it!...
... and we get a kick out of it too!

Remember the cherry tree?

The blooms are gone and the cherries are beginning. We are told the brown shriveled petals are blooms that didn't 'hatch' just as well we're making the effort to try to save some cherries from the birds.


  1. Awww, Robbie is so cute with the peanut butter jar.

    1. He get his cuteness from my side of the family :D

  2. The fact that Robbie loves peanut butter will make it so easy to give him pills, which is bound to happen some time.

    1. Hi KaBLOOnie, Yes Robbie started taking his medication with peanut butter but I have since trained him to just eat them as is -- even capsulated form. He's 11 now and has arthritis in his upper back (did I forget to write about that? Hmmm perhaps) Nice to hear from a new commenter - Welcome to the Blog!

  3. Nice to know that Robbie won't take the Peanut Butter jar on his own. Cute treat.
    Still working on the garden.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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