Friday, 21 May 2021

Ready for the market

With the market beginning tomorrow, I had to get a few last minute details sorted. My handwriting is atrocious so Stacey gave me some stickers she had kicking about and I managed to get the display labels on.

Display finished

I didn't have anything to put on the bottom right shelf so I decided to do flowers. Hadn't done any flowers (other than herbs/weeds), so it was a bit of an experiment too. For the most part it worked great but the petals expanded - turns out they are hollow, bet you didn't know that!! The larger petal flowers actually did terrible though. If I had laid them flattened to have the flower facing forward (I didn't put any thought into this) it would have worked great but I just put them down and that's how they came out which doesn't work for my display purpose.



If you've been following us for awhile you know that we tend to do some 'interesting' stuff. We tried to do something yesterday but our friends boat had engine trouble so we had to turn back. He has since repaired it and we will try again today, so stay tuned for yet another adventure possibility.

Gorgeous day for a boat ride

Eye strain

I have strained my right eye 2 days in a row so Brad went to the pharmacy and picked me up an eye patch to help keep it closed so it can rest. I realized this morning as I sat down here to do my morning computer ritual that the early morning sun comes in the window right on that eye and I have to EVENTUALLY pull the curtain across. This morning I pulled the curtain before sitting down so we'll see if that helps.

There was a rock pile here when we moved in. We don't know if its a dog's grave or just a pile of rocks but we prettied it up regardless.

Lemon Grass hasn't grown much but its in good shape

In the greenhouse

Extra plants growing in the greenhouse and my pea hangers are developing nicely, I should be able to hang them out any day now.

Stevia, Leeks and Carrots growing on the ground there

4 Popcorn and 17 Corn cracked so far

Today we hope to have that adventure we attempted yesterday.



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