Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Water works

Since we were going to Nanaimo anyway, even though we were expecting our water card to come via Canada Post - just in case they sent something by email and we could load up, plus we needed to organize the hose situation and having the buckets would be helpful for sizing appropriately, etc. 

Just as well as it turns out, while Brad was in getting the hose sorted I was looking for the locations of the water filling stations and discovered that, in fact, you are supposed to pick up the cards from the office. Duh. Since we were around the corner, we popped by and sure enough got the card. 

However, the software to install $$$ onto the card only operates on FireFox, and when trying to install FireFox on the iPad I learned that it also only operates on iOS 11.5 or higher.... I hate that! Anyway, I installed it on the iPhone and managed to load the $$$ onto the card - even though the screen was super enlarged (desktop size) and I was on my iPhone, the very left side of the spots to enter the info were visible and so I gave it a go. It worked. 

The hose and attachments are 2 inch and so the filling of both buckets (IBC totes) took about 5 minutes total, maybe 6. Then we were off home.

We started in the garden, filling our 4 - 55 Gal barrels.

Didn't take long to load them and used about 2/3 of the first bucket


We then brought the truck around and through the front door put the remaining 1 1/3 buckets into the cistern.

I measured the cistern beforehand = 30", and again after adding the 1 1/3 buckets = 32". Pretty good I'd say as we use - on average, 2" a week.

Now, remember last fall when we bought 2 matching paddleboards? Well, I don't need 2 and Brad's injuries do not allow him to use one so when Stacey said she knew someone looking for 1 for his wife.... no problem, I sold him the larger of the 2. He was thrilled as he'd been looking at some of the same ones for $1700!!! 

The funds from the paddleboard sale covered the entire water operation. 2 IBC totes, 2 camlock hoses (total 50 ft) and $50 on the prepaid water card.

The charge for water is $16 per 1000 US Gallons. Our 2 totes hold roughly 500 US Gallons total, so about $8 per load. 

Now while I think it's absolutely ridiculous and insulting to make people pay for water which is a requirement of life -- given that they do make people pay for it, this is a good system for us.

We will continue our usual water conservation but as its been a dry spring so far, we wanted to ensure we have what we need - or can get it.


  1. Glad to hear you won't be Dehydrating anytime soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your garden.

    It's about time.

  2. Great planning ahead for water. Now you can rest easy with it all organized.

    1. Yes, seems no one we talk to even knows its available.

  3. I'm not so sure there many places left where potable water doesn't cost money. Where does the water you are buying come from?

    1. The City of Nanaimo water works department.

    2. Ah. So it's probably drinkable....just guessing here. That will make it pricey.Thanks for letting me know. Living in Texas, I'm always interested in where the water is coming from....
      you can guess why.


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