Sunday, 2 May 2021

What else is growing and why

*** There is Health Benefit information in this post for the purpose of shedding light on options, please do your own research before consuming and/or using any Medicinals/Edibles.

My Garden Helper

Potatoes are coming along nicely

Horseradish on the right but not on the left, instead something my app can't decide on so I'll leave it to grow a bit more.

Horseradish Benefits: 
Strengthens Immune System, Treats urinary tract infections, Helps to regulate blood pressure, Helps in digestions, Useful during pregnancy, Helps relieve pain, Helps prevent cancer, Treats sinus infections, Good for teeth, Helps metabolism.

Horseradish edibles: Aside from the obvious condiment... Roots can be sliced and roasted as with parsnip, Young leaves can be added to salads, pickles or cooked as a potherb. Sprouted seeds can be used to season salads.

Asparagus 1

Asparagus 2

Asparagus 3

Stevia (sugar substitute found at any health food store)

Stevia Benefits:
Weight control, Cancer prevention, Improves bone health, Regulates blood pressure, Skin care, Improves oral health, Cures allergies

Stevia Edibles: 150x sweeter than sugar. Dried leaves can be ground and used as a sweetener or soaked in water and the liquid used in making preserves. Powdered leaves can be added to herb teas.

The white flowers are (will be) Saskatoon Berries

Saskatoon Berries Benefits:
Immunity, Heart health, Inflammation, Fiber, Brain and Nerve, Energy, Stomach ailments, Mild laxative. Juice used to make eye and ear drops. 

Saskatoon Berries Edibles: Fruit used in soups, stews, meat dishes, pemmican and dried cakes.

St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort Benefits:
Smoking cessation, Menopausal mood swings, Reduces pregnancy pains, Anti-cancer effects, Cure hangovers, Cure Parkinson's Disease, Treats sinus congestions, Lowers blood pressure, Cures depression (not to be mixed with some depression meds - research required), Controls anxiety, Alleviates pain, Antiviral, Alleviates joint pain.

St. John's Wort Edibles: Leaves, flowers, seeds used in tea. Leaves and flowers can be tossed in salad.

Greenhouse planter box now includes Salsa tomatoes and jalapenos

This planter box is mostly for salsa. Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Bunching onions and Cilantro with a couple of Brussel Sprouts, Beets and Radishes thrown in.

Yesterday I started Corn...

... and POPcorn

Tomatoes, Peppers and Romaine are thriving in the greenhouse

Two tomatoe plants that were unlabeled as to which type of tomatoe, will go on the deck in these big pots. I soaked Pea seeds overnight and they will go in these hanging baskets - don't know if that will work but I don't see why not, so...

Carrots and Leeks

Lamb's Ear

Lamb's Ear Benefits:
Antibacterial bandage, Bee stings, Insect bites, Colds, Gum and throat infections, Asthma, Eyewash, Toilet paper, Absorbent pads

Lamb's ear edibles: Young leaves in salad, steamed as a green, battered, stir fried.

Side garden onions

When I planted onions in the large garden I had a few bulbs left over so I put them in the side garden in a patch that doesn't grow things well... never expecting that they would come to anything as the ground is so shallow here, but here they are in all their glory just the same as the ones in the garden.

Small garlic patch
We have a large garlic patch out by the main garden with 92 plants in it.

Some likely familiar medicinal plants

Robbie and I foraged enough for 4 Betty trays (1 full load)
2 of Purple dead nettle, 1 of plantain and 1 of plantain seeds

Purple Dead Nettle
Medicinal uses: Astringent, diuretic, diaphoretic and purgative. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal. Leaves used on wounds or cuts, poultice.
Edibles: Pesto, soup, salads, smoothies. Any way you would use any green leafy vegetable or herb.

Medicinal uses: Cough, Wounds, Inflamed skin or dermatitis, Leaves crushed and applied topically for insect bites, stings, eczema and small wounds or cuts.
Edibles: Infections, Inflammation, Kidney, Bladder, stomach and intestinal problems, Breathing conditions.

Plantain seed head can be dried and ground to a flour

Medicinal Uses: GI (Gastro-Intestinal) therapy, Treat hyperlipidemia, Anti-cancer effects, Respiratory treatment, Chronic bronchitis, Asthma, Cough, Cold, Laxative, Insect repellant.
Edibles: Eat as insect repellant, Salad, Breads, Grind to use as flour.

I have found learning about our local weeds to be quite fascinating and I hope you are finding it interesting - if nothing else. If others are interested I will continue to add details here and there, otherwise I won't be discussing it again so please let me know your interest level in the comment section below. 

I have not been able to find anything which will replace my thyroid medications as they appear to be made from pig thyroid hormones which I guess explains the weight gain. LOL


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