Thursday, 24 June 2021

Butterfly gland flies again

Thyroid Gland (AKA Butterfly Gland)

The Doctor called for Brad's appointment today. When Brad was finished I jumped on the line to give him the heads up that I wanted to get off the pills in lieu of Stinging Nettle Tea. 

He actually agreed....!

My numbers are such that he agrees my thyroid appears to be working well. He is willing to test me again in 2 months to see how its going and he has sent a prescription for 25mg to the pharmacy so that I have it just in case I find that I need it as it can take 2 weeks to get an appt with him. 

Although he did say that if I started experiencing any symptoms that I am to call the office immediately and they will get me booked fast.

My new question is: Do I even need the Stinging Nettle Tea? Perhaps my thyroid has completely fixed itself. I will assume I need the Stinging Nettle Tea for the foreseeable future and cross that bridge once I've stabilized my numbers.


  1. How nice to have a doc who is willing to work with you and experiment!! Hope you find out you can not have to rely on pills or tea!

    1. Thanks Judith. I'm thrilled not to need the pills anymore.


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