Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Ever forgetful

I keep meaning to go down the garden to get a picture of how things are growing down there but I just don't get down there these days. Today I will make a concerted effort to go and take pictures for you guys. I was down there yesterday and wowsers stuff is really getting big but I didn't think to take my phone so couldn't capture it then.

Yesterday was 27C (80.6F) and while in Saskatchewan that wouldn't be that hot out here in the humidity 27C is HHOOOTTTT especially when your sitting in a vehicle waiting on a damn ferry -- twice. 

Today, Stacey is setting up her 8 man floating platform something or other (I'll get pics of that too) so we can relax on the water and spend the day at the beach before the trip packing kicks into high gear. For anyone who missed the post, I am driving out East to spend some time with my Dad.

Oh, and the Pickleball playtime has changed from afternoons (winter schedule which allows for the day to warm up) to mornings (summer schedule to play before the day heats up). 

So goals for today == Main garden pic, Floating platform pic and Pickleball.

Its only supposed to go to 22C (71.6F) today but the coming weekend will be 32C (89.6F). I shall be grateful for the market canopy this weekend to keep the sun off me that's for sure.

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