Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Garden and Thyroid progresss

I wasn't thinking yesterday when I said I'd get a pic of the floating platform. Obviously, I didn't take my iPhone with me to ensure I didn't lose it to Poseidon - God of the Sea. He can buy his own iPhone, they're not cheap! :D

I did get pics of the garden though.

Everything is getting big now that the sun has arrived

Brad is left of center for scale

Rogue Turnips

Waaay back when I planted turnips but they didn't take so I planted something else in their place. Apparently these 2 went rogue.

Garlic is beginning to die back in preparation for harvesting

Brussel Sprouts are growing absolutely fantastic!

Many many brussels on each stem

Thyroid update:
The last reduction the Dr gave me put me on a 50mg dosage of Synthroid medication in hopes to bring my TSH up into 'normal' range... this sure has been a looongg process. On Friday I went for bloodwork ( several days earlier than planned) because I got fed up with being tired all the time.

I am able to check the results of my lab work online, so I did.

My new TSH level is .13 a vast improvement from a year below .001 and my last bloodwork count of actually being right on .001. However, I need to reach .32 because the 'normal range' is 0.32 - 5.04. 

As I suspected its looking like my thyroid is actually working and the Synthroid is giving me too much (his words not mine which is why he keeps reducing my medication). Too much synthroid can make you feel tired all the time which is what is happening to me. 

I'm hoping the Dr will let me off of this stuff and I can just drink Stinging Nettle Tea which makes all the difference in the world! Ideally, he will allow me to do this while still monitoring my bloodwork to ensure everything is working properly.



  1. Glad you levels are improving. Good luck with the reductions. Your garden looks great. :)

  2. Wow the garden looks great! I don't know how you keep track of it all. Safe travels on your trip to see your Dad.


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