Monday, 21 June 2021

Market, Doppelganger and Small Gardens update

The weekend went very well at the market, there were a lot more people milling about for sure. The vibe was noticeably different with more tourists than locals meaning there were less groups laughing and interacting together. While I did not hit the goal I had set for myself, I did have my best sales weekend to date. The music, although quiet, and the company of the other vendors always makes it worthwhile spending a few hours and it goes by so fast.

I have a new reader! My Daddy read the blog yesterday, I was shocked to find out. I started this blog so our families could follow along with our travels when we went RVing full-time but only Brad's brother and his Mum have, to my knowledge, been reading it over the years. So its great that my Dad now knows how to find it and can keep an eye on all the crazy things I do - LOL ?!?

Today I shall be going to town to get some necessary items for my trip out to Dad's while Brad is having his massage therapy appt. Unsure what to expect at the ferry line, so we will be leaving earlier than usual as there are clearly a lot of tourist on the island this weekend and while most have likely gone, there will still be many stragglers clogging up the ferry system for us locals.

Brad was watching a show and imagine his surprise when his doppelganger came on screen. Interesting biography for this guy, he was a bit rogue too. 

Diderot was an original “scientific theorist” of the Enlightenment, who connected the newest scientific trends to radical philosophical ideas such as materialism. He was especially interested in the life sciences and their impact on our traditional ideas of what a person – or humanity itself – are.

Brad made a few, okay 20, lasagna the other day

Blackberries will soon be ripe for the picking :D

The side garden is doing well. 

I've pruned the lavender a few times already and the onions I planted in the 'no grow' area are actually growing too.

My extra garden 

A few green peppers, grapefruit, ginger and several Lemongrass is beginning to grow now that the heat has finally arrived.

The garlic is beginning to brown in preparation for harvest.


  1. Your garden looks wonderful...and while you are leaving it for a while, it's for a good reason. Hope you have a good time with your dad. Brad's doppelganger is Diderot?? I'll have to look for mine. Here's to a good ferry trip, and congratulations on your sales for the market.


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