Monday, 28 June 2021


Its been a busy time preparing the truck and packing up for the trip to visit my Dad. 

my Daddy

We put a screen in front of the rad to help protect it from flying rocks (stacey's idea). 

One of the tires fixed for a slow leak and the other tires checked over as well as removing as much of Robbie as possible then organizing the tools and the like out of the way. 

Secured the spare tire in an accessible place for me, purchased full-bodied CAA, and bug screen for the windows so we can keep them out of the cab (also Stacey's idea).

Laundry has been washed and dried and now awaits ironing and packing.

I am unsure how often I will be posting during the trip but I will continue to read my morning ritual blogs.


  1. Wishing you Safe Travels and Enjoy visiting with your Dad.
    Give us a shout and we might be able to have a coffee.

    It's about time.

  2. Replies
    1. Going to Daddy’s… just the way it goes :D

  3. Safe travels my friend! We would love to see you if you are going through this way and if we can make it work around our province's restrictions..



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