Sunday, 13 June 2021

Watch, Forage & Thyroid

Not a lot happening here this week. 

Stacey and her husband are away for a few days so we are keeping an eye on their boat.

On the right.

Look closely at this pic and you will see a guy walking his goats along the beach.... I have no explanation for this, it just is.

We've been busy picking daisies and dandelions to feed Betty* for use throughout the winter in teas as well as tinctures. Yes, I'm becoming quite the herbalist I know. Who is this woman?... No one knows. ;)

Dinner for Betty*

I put up a post on FaceBook asking where to find stinging nettles and a few people have responded with 'come and get em', so that's great and we shall be doing that in the coming days. (replacement for thyroid medication which is effective for Hypo AND Hyper - BUT, I am not a doctor, do your own research! )

However, I did do a test..... and, not expecting any noticeable difference....

I will tell you that I had 1 cup of stinging nettle tea on June 4,5,6,7 and I was full of energy - kicked butt on the Pickleball courts and didn't have a nap at all. However, because I have my next bloodwork at the end of the month, I decided to stop drinking the tea so my Doctor can get a true idea of where I am at before I go rogue on him -- and I will go rogue, if he doesn't cooperate. 

It wasn't until the 11th (4 days later) that I started to feel like I was dragging again. Back to napping by the 11th and 12th.... so tempted to just drink the damn tea but I'm going to attempt to do this under doctor supervision and I can't get a call with him until the 24th, so.... struggling through. (too much medication can cause fatigue which is what I'm feeling which dissipates with every reduction in medication - for a short while, anyway).

The weatherman said it was going to be torrential rain on Saturday and sporadic rain on Sunday so I cancelled out of the Saturday market only to wake to a bright blue sky which lasted until bedtime. This morning.... full cloud and tons of rain... 

The thing with the Sunday market is there is music, so more people come out just for that and the picnic tables with umbrellas allow for mingling so there is a much more vibrant energy about the place which makes sitting there for 4 hours far more pleasant - like going to a free concert and making a few bucks at the same time.

* Betty is our Freeze Dryer for any new readers.


  1. Good luck with your doctor ... hope you find the right stuff to help you feel great. :)

  2. Love reading you blog. Been following since you went south a few winters back.

    1. Hi Shirley, I remember you commenting before. Thanks for tagging along :D


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