Wednesday, 16 June 2021

We don't do surprise showers

Dear Weatherman,


Also 6:30am
Not a drop anywhere



The torrential downpour ended about 12:30pm so I went to Pickleball, as did many others for 1pm playtime. By 1:10pm the rain started again. Played 2 games and the rain was so bad we had to call it. 

Unfortunately, changing the forecast every 15 minutes - while it may help technically make your statistics of right and wrong weather predictions look better for you - it does not help those who rely on your predictions to plan their lives.... Especially the elderly (80 somethings) who end up playing games in the pouring rain, putting their health at risk- and during a Pandemic, no less.

2pm - 4pm

Attempted to do some gardening around 4:30pm only to be dumped on with another torrential downpour. Had to run for the house.

Hoping they call an impromptu game today now that the province has opened up. And praying the weather holds.....

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