Thursday, 8 July 2021

No exaggeration

We had filled out a ‘hey we’re driving through’ form before our arrival at New Brunswick. We were expecting a guard in a booth…

New Brunswick border

What we met at the New Brunswick border was a force. Literally, a crowd of officers, the term could only be ‘Gestapo’ ( a political state police force), about 20 cop cars, and a lot of attitude (not directed toward us). I didn’t dare get more pics and this one above does not show the extent of it I’m afraid, but believe me it’s harsh.

We had pre-registered, unlike a few hundred the day before (we arrived there very early in the day) - they were turned back. 

The show of force was unprecedented in Canada I’m sure- save maybe Oka in 1990. Very reminiscent of this pic below and with the same energy I can assure you.


These guys were not messing around and are now absolutely fed up with people. 

Absolutely unreal in Canada. And in my opinion, should not be allowed. Unless they’re preparing for something else we’re not aware of…

On a lighter note, Brad did the market for me and had a big $$$ day! Naturally, I have the truck, so…

Even Robbie was wondering if he’s serious. LOL It worked as it was resting on the hitch. Good for a chuckle anyway.


  1. Wow. You sure put it into perspective. Glad you had no trouble getting through so you can get to "hell safely" and outta there as soon as you can. :)

    1. I wouldn’t want to be one of those who showed up unannounced. Doing it again tomorrow… wish me luck. :D


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