Monday, 12 July 2021

Out of the bubble

So I drove from Nova Scotia to Kingston yesterday. 

When leaving the Atlantic bubble, there were no Covid checks at all. Not a one.

In fairness, because of my harsh comparison of our New Brunswick experience, I must note that the entry to New Brunswick from Quebec yesterday (as I looked over on the way past) was a vast difference to what we experienced going in.  

So perhaps something had happened that caused such a force to be there when we drive in, there was but 2 police vehicles when I drove by on my way out yesterday.

This am I drove from Kingston to Windsor, through pouring rain, arriving at noon.

Because of my extensive travels I stopped in London and had another rapid Covid test done before coming down to Dads. Negative.

 My step-mother has a nice little herb garden going on her deck too.

As my brother likely doesn’t want his pic posted online and he’s on a run for fish & chips at the moment so I can’t ask him- I have not posted any of the family pics we took today.

Anyway, I am here - finally. 

I was unable to stop for coffee with friends in Ottawa due to timing but I do intend to call some bloggers ( you know who you are) during my time here, as and when I can.


  1. Glad you made it!! Just tell your brother we won't turn him in. Oh, wait. This isn't private, is it.

    1. Haha. He’s just a non-facebooker type. Shocking, I know. LOL


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